Tips to keep your eyeliner tattoo looking great

When you get a permanent eyeliner tattoo, make sure you take care of it properly. To ensure you see the best pigmentation and results, follow these procedures:

  • Two weeks before: Discontinue using eyelash growth serums and extensions that increase blood flow to your eyelids.
  • One day before: Take an antihistamine to prevent inflammation. Don't drink any alcohol or caffeine or take ibuprofen.
  • Day of the procedure: Avoid touching your eyes and don't apply any makeup. You can gently wash your eyes and ice them to alleviate any swelling.
  • First seven recovery days: Gently wash and apply ointment twice a day. Avoid swimming, picking at scabs and sun exposure.

When you begin wearing makeup, be sure to use a new tube of mascara to lower any risk of infection. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our lash line enhancement service.

Lashline Pre-Care

Please discontinue use of any eyelash growth serums or lash extensions minimum 2 weeks before and after appointment. Growth enhancing serums promote blood flow to surface of the skin, increases bleeding, swelling and causes poor pigment implantation. An Antihistamine is recommended to take a day before and a few days after Lashline enhancement to prevent inflammation. Please see general tattoo pre-care for all pre tattoo precautions.